Loved Son

I think about that night,

Wonder why he wasn’t okay.

Remembering his last days,

Trying to forget with all my might.

I have so many questions,

Why’d you go?

Why couldn’t you stay?

They’ll never be answered,

Yet they’ll never go away.

His life, it was lived

Not to its fullest

Not to its least.

His life, it was taken

Because of evil

Because of a beast.

It’s amazing how easy

It is to forget

About someone else

To remember you?

No sweat.

We go about our days

Thoughts running through our heads

Without even stopping

To check up on our friends.

So consumed with ourselves

So worried about the “me”

When what we should be living for

Simply, is the “we”.

Unless we step out in faith

Unless we learn to love

Then our brothers will continue to




Let us live as Jesus did

Let us love one another

Maybe, then, just maybe

We won’t lose one more brother.

Regret not his life

Nor for the way it was done

Just remember this:

He was a loved son.