If the world ended today,
what would you do?
what words would you say?
and to who?
If the world ended tomorrow,
where would you go?
back into your sorrows,
or to your favorite show?
If the world ended tonight,
who would you call?
who would be your last sight,
and your last free fall?
If the world ended right now,
would you be ready?

Honorable Mention

He told her she didn’t have the energy or the time
Nor did she have the intellect, but that girl could rhyme
She had a mind he would never understand
Because she had clearly found a boy and not a man
And because of his sweet, little accusations
And the way she fell victim to his temptations
She questioned her ability to give
And struggled to find any reason to live.
It’s funny the way a person can do such a thing
The way we’re destroyed after meaningless, little flings
And if they’re so little, I have to ask myself why
Do women question their beauty when hurt by a guy?
Why do we call ourselves bitches and hoes
And tell each other that what they say, goes?
Are we not stronger and more beautiful
And filled with enough energy and soul?
She gave all her time and energy to him
Making his efforts the ones that were slim
And excuse me, but she has quite the mind
She has such a rare intelligence that is hard to find.
So, please don’t ever push your insecurities on anyone
Because that kind of hurt can never be undone
Sure, it does help a person grow
But the process can be very slow.
People are sarcastically comical these days
With their rude, cruel, and selfish ways
But if we learn to not pay their bull any attention
And believe in our intellect and beauty, despite what they say
We become the winners, and them?

Honorable mention.

Blackout Days

You aren’t required to be in my thoughts or dreams
Only in my far off past and memories
And if you come back, it seems
My future will block you out like sunlight beams
And float you away in waste-filled streams
Because for you, my heart no longer screams.

I love you with a heart of gold
Covered in gems and sold
To no one but the Most High
To the one above in the sky
I love you with a passion so deep
My knees shake and become weak
My mind becomes twisted into perfect sense
And I move to the beat of my own time

recall 2

last, they come back from the black
in the moment when the stage starts to fade
you finally get to the very top
your debts and emotional strides paid
but their lonely needed its unethical fix
and creeped up back into your mind
remember their words, so slick
and how, without them, you are perfectly fine

i’m happy

I woke up way too early this morning
And went to sleep way too late
I think I had a few dreams actually
Still, this insomnia is one of few things I hate.

I wanted to bury myself in my blanket
With my head under my pillow
But I got up and took a shower and
Enjoyed the morning view from the window.

The day starts off better, you know
Once you make a choice to be joyful
I know it’s not the easiest thing but it
Sure feels better to be happy than mournful.

So here’s to another day
Another opportunity to love and care
Be persistent in love, young sir
Maybe change someone’s life if you dare.

Ready, Set, Go

I thought it was so perfect
You said every word right
The combination of your slurs
Down to every last bite.
I don’t know how it happened
Or how it ended matter of fact
I just remember you leaving
And I left without my heart intact.
And it’s been a whole year
Almost down to the very date
The night I fell off the cliff
And believed you’d be my lifelong mate.
It seems like such a joke
That a girl would fall that hard
A funnier joke was the level of your care
Man, you couldn’t even send a birthday card.
And call her crazy because she tried
Watch out, that girl’s such a bitch
But excuse me for trying to redeem your words
And your “our future together” pitch.
See I am startled by the person you became
Not much like the man I met
And every time I’ve tried to let you go
I always stop at ready, set.
I hate the scars you left here
And the way I treated myself
You have no idea what I went through
The amount of regret that I have felt.
And after the 4th time I was ignored
I think I finally realized
I am a wonderful woman, for damn sure
And my love is something no one can buy.
I am free and beautiful, worth loving even
And I will never, ever look back
I DiPped my feet into your waters once
But never again will I jump back onto your tracks.

Absolute Must(ard seed)

Tomorrow is never promised
And neither is the rest of today
We must live in real calmness
And not let our worries lead us astray.

Yesterday is in the past and
Tomorrow in the future
Do not live for today, last ‘for
The days you have left may become fewer.

If we lived each moment like
We hadn’t even one last breath left
And live our lives Christ-like
We wouldn’t be so afraid of death.

Tomorrow will come on its own
And yesterday is already done
If we focus on the Most High Throne
Our worries will cease to live on.

So push on, you worry wart
Have faith and continue to trust
And keep God at your very core
Now, that is an absolute, absolute must.

short plane ride

Got Zig Zags on my dresser
Moms right outside my door
What do I do to impress her
I just smoked at half past four
Bob Marley’s on my wall
And lighters on the ground
Wine bottles in a pile so tall
With a whole liter of Crown
I think I’m good so far
Just be yourself, moms said
Good thing I stopped smoking tar
Or else I’d probably be dead.

Wake Up

I was teased in high school because I played the cello
And danced in grass fields during recess and lunch breaks
I never understood because I was just mellow
Those 4 years left me with such great heartache
Kids are so incredibly cruel these days
And never think before they speak or act
They hurt so many kids in so many ways
Literally living their lives to attack.
Do you know how many teenagers die?
In one year, it is about 4,400
How you ask? because of suicide
The amount of bullies is continually stunted.
I used to cry myself to sleep every night
And not want to wake up in the morning
And at school I left class just to be out of sight
Those mean kids always left my emotions storming
And we ask ourselves, why?
Why do we lose so many kids a year?
And I ask, do we ever open our eyes?
Cos if we did the reason would actually be clear
My best friend is a talented artist
and I, a musician
Kids like us were constantly taunted
To see that, you didn’t have to be a magician.
The “cool” kids were the ones who played sports
And the ones who started to party
But, I spent my time in artsy cohorts
With people who were tagged “geek” and “weird smarty”
You can say I developed some sort of complex
One which I started to believe and worship
The path to discovering my true self became a vortex
And the way I viewed myself was based off of gossip.
And we ask ourselves why?
Why do we lose so many kids a year?
And I ask, do we ever open our eyes?
Cos if we did the reason would actually be very clear
I can barely finish writing this
Because it makes me so damn emotional
There are so many kids caught in this abyss
Because this world is so damn dysfunctional
I don’t want to see not another one die
Because a punk’s taunting beat him into a depression
So, now that we’ve actually asked ourselves why
I think it’s about time we changed our message
They are perfect just the way they are
And have talents that need to be nurtured
Be persistent in love, and we could go far
Can we do this, please, before more are tortured?
And we ask ourselves why?
Why do we lose so many kids a year?
And I ask, do we ever open our eyes?
Cos if we did the reason would actually be very clear.


It scares you, doesn’t it? The way she cares?
Every time she calls you, your heart screams beware!
She took a risk, you know, in hopes you would too.
But I think when you started it, you didn’t exactly
think it through.
See, we act upon how we feel in moments
Instead of thinking logically
But isn’t that what risks take?
It shouldn’t be as difficult as 
understanding psychology. 
We claim to wear our hearts on our sleeves
But what most hide from the world is that
We have hidden pockets in our seams. 
Our hearts aren’t vulnerable, no
Because that would be too crazy 
We make sure to cover them up so they won’t show
So our feelings and emotions get 
a little bit hazy.
We think there’s some kind of timeline
A certain format on how we should love
I forget that those decisions are completely mine
Actually, they really do belong to the one above.


Fermata, hold
Italics, bold
Underlined, square
Naked and bare
Blue lights and whiskey
I ask, do you miss me?
A kiss on the cheek
I’d say it’s weak
I’d say it’s maybe classy
I’d say just don’t ask me
Bootlegs and pistols
I still can’t whistle
I still can’t snap
But I’m out of your trap.

Satisfy My Soul

Birds fly higher than
My feet will ever reach
And trees grow taller than
I will ever be
Alone, I am deeper sunken
Than the dirt below my feet
With You, I can sail
Seas never sailed and
Cross rivers never crossed
I am invincible with
Your mighty strength
Satisfy my soul, You do
Embrace my scars that
Have tattooed too deep
Catch my tears that sink
The joy I long for
Satisfy my soul
You do.

in the garden.

In the garden where you were,
I sit and ponder.
How did it feel?
To be tempted
In such a beautiful, but
Dark somber?
A pull between worlds -
The holy and the lesser
The light and the dark
Both beautiful
Appreciated in both the
Day and night
Evergrowing in the
Sun and rain
Rays and drops
Bring life
Sadness brings strength
Strength builds faith
Stronger - I’m becoming.